Wednesday, 2 June 2010


When I first started to crochet I bought a load of cheap acrylic wool to work my way through.  It's great stuff- soft, colourful, easy to work up, and best of all you can bung it in the washing machine when it gets covered in strawberry milk.

But it's time for me to start branching out to the real stuff, proper wool.  I mentioned in my last post that I love natural things so I started googling different types of wool, looking at what shops are around for me to visit and have a poke around, when I came across alpaca wool.  A few searches later and I found Quarterhouse Alpacas.  Their website said they sold wool from their own alpacas and when I emailed them to ask about how to purchase some they suggested we visit and see the alpacas at the same time.  Just outside Wittersham and near to Tenterden it is situated in one of the most beautiful parts of Kent so how could we refuse?

The alpacas were beautiful creatures, all big eyes, eye lashes and inquisitive sniffing.  They were newly shorn and looked like they had been hoovered!

The wool was soft and gorgeous and beautifully natural.  The colours were the natural colours of the alpacas, no dyes.  At £10 per 100g ball though it ain't cheap.  I bought three balls to play with.  Considering I get twitchy about spending a tenner on new clothes or more than a fiver on a bottle of wine 30 quid on wool is pure extravagance!

And what does one make with super soft alpaca wool at the beginning of summmer time?  Why, cosy snuggly arm-warmers of course! 

It works up beautifully, making a simple staggered double crochet stitch look like luxurious cable knit.  It is soft and drapey and I can't wait for winter so I can waddle about fat and pregnant and very very warm. 



  1. My aunt spins her own yarn and has a farm she visits where she gets her wool, from Jacob sheep and alpacas. I got to go meet her "donors," and they are indeed so sweet!

  2. I bet those alpacas are pleased to be rid of their thick coats in this heat! Lovely arm luxurious!

    Bellaboo :0)

  3. That wool is beautiful! What a pleasure to work with such a nice natural product. Those alpacas look like they are so sweet!

  4. You're going to be spinning your own yarn next. It seems that most avid knitters/crocheters(??) get to that point. Do you follow @spinndiva on twitter and @fallingstitches?

    My Mum keeps Llamas which are similar to Alpacas at her school. Our kids love to go over and see them, beautiful creatures and so gentle. Not sure Llamas are used fo their wool though.

    Your armwarmers are lovely! xx

  5. LOVE the arm-warmers :o) wool is a gorgeous colour and looks really cosy too!


    hello gorgeous xxx


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