Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Boxy pouchyliness!

Having drooled over Gretchen's lovely boxy pouches a while back she directed me here to her original post where she was starting her off on the journey to boxy pouchy perfection.  This led me to this tutorial and voila!  My very own boxy pouch!

I want to make one for a friend as a small thank-you so my first go is a trial run to see how the pattern works.  It's rather easy to do and the finished result is incredibly cute, it's just so dinky...

There are a couple of bits I'd like to amend though.  I'm not sure if I have the stitchy know-how just yet but I want to add a tag below the zip, to give a place to grip when opening and closing.

I lined it with a contrasting red heart fabric which I love...

But I want to sort out the raw edges that are on show...

I'm not entirely sure how to sort this bit out, but it'll bother me until I do! 

However my prototype is still really cool and very handy for holding spare cotton reels and bits and pieces...

Plus it gave me the opportunity to tackle another zip, I am rather afraid of zips.



  1. Ali, it looks great!

    To avoid the raw edges in the bottom seam, simply use one whole piece of fabric instead of sewing two together, if that makes sense. Instead of seaming two smaller rectangles, use one larger rectangle so there's no need for a bottom seam. (Ok, I searched and found an alternate tutorial that explains better than I can:

    I also enclosed the zipper seams by sewing outer and inner fabric to the zipper right sides together with the zipper in between, so when you flip it right side out, the seams are hidden inside; then topstitch if you like.

    I left the end seams raw. They aren't that noticeable and don't bother me. :)

  2. ohh i love it. Been following your blog for a while now and I really love your crafty makes, so much so its inspired me to get crafting too.. so thank you v much x

  3. That IS cute! Well done :)

    Jo x

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Your raw edges wouldn't show if you sewed your lining together first with raw edges the opposite side and then add it to your bag. Does that make sense? Alternatively zig zag the edges before you sew them together to stop them from fraying if the are on show. XxX

  5. That is brilliant for your first attempt.. really cute..and of course I LOVE the red hearts lining!

    Bellaboo :0)

  6. oh i love it, you could make a bigger one for nappies or baby bits! how are you, gosh im hot, my bump is keeping me awake at night too! Im sending late thoughts to my bumpy and if you send early thoughts to yours you never know they could be baby blog buddies! think the heat might be getting to me he he! hope you have a lovely weekend! fliss xxx

  7. it's fab! I must try to make one. Lovely fabric. I have the zip fear too!!


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