Monday, 5 July 2010

Shopping bags

I started to play with my blog to make it pretty and better for photographs (they always seem to look so small) put it mildly I ballsed it up.

So now I'm grumpy and will require at least two kit-kats in order to calm down.

To distract myself from my irritation how about I share with you some of my latest creations?  I have been a busy sewing bee this weekend.  I promised my mum you see that I would make a bag for her friend, to hold a bunch of pressies and form part of the overall gift, then promptly forgot all about it.  So when mum reminded me on Saturday morning I whizzed into action.

I sewed two bags.  One in a salvaged rose print fabric and organic blue cotton...

Lined in organic light moss green cotton...

 Finished with a little tag....

The second bag is made with hemp and a stripy purple organic cotton...

I made it with longer handles than usual so it can be carried as a shoulder bag.  I was rather pleased that my mum picked the first bag, as I am keeping this one!

It's just the right size for all my bits and bobs and the odd choccie bar or two, and it's such a glorious purpley colour.  Can you see a glimpse of kitkat..I bump above?  At nearly 19 weeks now I am hoping I might start actually looking pregnant soon!


  1. Hi Ali

    Looks like baby is coming along nicely!!! Hope you're well

    I hate it when techie things dont go to plan!! Grrrrrr! I hope you had 2 four finger kits kats!

    Quick question... how did you make your snipsnaphappy labels? They look great. I've tried various methods of labelling and never been quite happy with the result. Printed ribbon wasn't quite right. I recently got a sewing machine that embroiders letters and its not quite what i wanted either as only got 3 fonts, none of which are the one I use for logo.

    Anyway, keep up good baby growing work.

    Bye for now, Fiona xx

  2. Oh, you did get lucky. That purple bag is fantastic! Love your tags, too. And you're not looking too bad yourself, mama. ;)

  3. Hi Fiona!

    The little wooden tag you see in the photo above was from Etsy from Roberto Sand's shop - I can't recommend him highly enough, he was brilliant!
    I then sewed my tag onto a bit of ribbon before sewing it into the bag (which I frequently forget to do!)
    Funnily enough I have been looking around for some fabric labels instead but haven't found any yet that I like.


  4. Hi!
    I've just browsed through your blog and I love the things you make! Those bags are just great! Not to mention the tag.
    And congratulations about your little baby:)


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