Friday, 2 July 2010

A day off with hubby

Yesterday we went to Whitstable, just the two of us.  It was our first day alone together doing something just for the sake of it in over four years.

It was one of those kind of days where everything falls into place and the universe seemed to be telling us, "you deserve a good day".  The sun shone, the skies were a constant blue, there was always a chair to be found in the shade, or a cafe when we needed a drink, the perfect place for lunch, the perfect parking spot in the cheapest carpark.

We took with us one gremlin and two bunnies all packaged up and ready for Toy Society drops.  It was hubby's first hands-on experience of toy dropping and we had a great time surreptitiously leaving them around Whitstable.

One on the steps on the beach by the Neptune pub...

One on a bench on the beach looking out to sea...

 And one by the church on the High Street, see if you can spot it!...

We had Kent apple juice and scones, we mooched around the shops without hurrying, stopped to buy toffee crumble in the old fashioned sweet shop, and strolled through the fish market.

We walked along the seafront, all the way from the oyster company restaurant on the beach to the end of the beach huts, something we can never too with little legs in tow!

It was the perfect day out from the stresses of reality.  Thanks Whitstable xx

Oh, and in case it all seems too romantic, we did stop at John Lewis on the way home to buy a new hoover!  Well, we have been married seven years... :)


  1. Sounds absolutely idyllic! You mustn't leave it so long next time.I bet you feel all close and cuddley after that!

    Bellaboo ;0)

  2. There was I dreamily jealous of your lovely day out and you drop in buying a new vacuum cleaner!!! Well, we all live in the real world dont we!!! Glad you had a lovely day X

  3. I really like that fabric shop. x


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