Friday, 23 July 2010

More boxy pouches

Help!  I am obsessed with creating the perfect boxy pouch!  I dream of seam free, glitch free, non wonky pouches.  And I have come pretty damn close in the last couple of days thanks to this brilliant tutorial.

I am most proud of this little lovely...

It came out so well.  No glitches!

The lining is so perfect...

...that you could turn it inside out...

So exciting.  This one is destined for South Africa for my Secret Post Club partner this month (yes, I am a bit tardy)

I made myself one too, longer and thinner like a pencil case...

I made the lining and a tab with some of the fabric I received from Parallel Botany aaaaaages ago, I am so pleased to finally start using some of it...

For the outside I used one of my favourite organic fabrics...

It is organic cotton, printed with a flower which reads "organic cotton" (well dur).  I get it from here and I will be writing more about my love of organic fabrics soon!

Right, time to continue my obsessive production line of boxy pouches...


  1. lovely creations! Tempted to get my sewing machine out now!! You really have perfected them.

  2. These look brilliant! Definately want to perfect my attempts at these in time for Christmas. Thanks for the links

  3. Great work! The reversible one is very cute but of course I like both very much :)

  4. Ali, you are so talented! I love your work (and I'm so flattered to see some of the fabric I sent you making it into such a great project!); you have every right to be proud of yourself :)

  5. Wow! They look fab - you're making me want to start sewing...

  6. Oh I love them they look perfect

  7. They look great! I love those fabrics, and I'm glad the tutorial helped.

  8. Hello Ali, came by to check out your boxy pouches. They look really good! I'm drooling over your organic fabric.


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