Monday, 8 November 2010

£40 Voucher Giveaway!

The lovely people at CSN Stores have given me another chance to do a little giveaway for my lovely readers - I have a whopping £40 voucher to give away to the lucky winner! Not heard of CSN yet?  They're a UK based online supplier of..well..pretty much everything from wardrobes to wall-art, lamps to cookie cutters.  If you win you can use the voucher in any of their online stores and treat yourself (or someone else if you're feeling really generous) to something lovely in time for Christmas!

I wanted to do a little giveaway of this kind for purely selfish reasons - I need a little good karma to come my way.  I am having a Bad Week.  Considering it's only Monday night you can imagine how rough my day has been!  I am not well at all and could end up being admitted to hospital for the remaining 3 weeks of my pregnancy...I don't want this obviously so I need all the postive karma I can get!

In the absence of any of my own photos to accompany this post, and in honour of winter fast approaching, here are some lovely frosty things I picked out from CSN..stuff I would definitely be buying if I were lucky enough to have a £40 voucher...

This giveaway is open to UK readers only I'm afraid as they only ship to the UK, sorry lovely US readers!  All you have to do is leave me a comment (and send a little luck and positive vibes my way of course).  Make sure you leave your email address please, if I can't get in touch with you I can't send you your online voucher!

You have until 7pm GMT this Friday (12th Nov) night to enter.  What are you waiting for?


  1. Oooh oooh pick me pick me!!! :D

    Hope you feel better, am sending you lots of good karma

    K (


  2. Oh dear Sweetie, I hope all improves for you this week, and sending Love and Hugs! You don't need stress and worry and this point!

    This give-away sounds really exciting, so I hope I am the lucky one! So many choices!

    Natalie (

  3. Hello! I've never heard of CSN but I have fallen in love with that beautiful table lamp so I'm sure they'd have lots of other things I'd like!! :)
    Sorry to hear you might have to go into hospital, that's really not what you want, I hope things improve and all goes well with the birth. Sending lots of positive vibes, Zoe x
    (Top Floor Treasures on Folksy)

  4. Oh, hope all improves and you don't end up in hospital! Sending folksy hugs your way!

    Hannah, aka SweetSuzy (

  5. lots of positive vibes and touching wood as I enter.....would love to win

    Janice x

  6. Very generous of you to giveaway the voucher, count me in! I hadn't heard of CSN either but thanks for sharing, I'm off to check it out. Sending lots of best wishes and positive vibes your way, hope the last few weeks are as smooth as they can be :)

  7. Sending a truck full of positive vibes your way, hope you manage to stay out of hospital. I hated those last few weeks, didn't sit well with my impatient nature and all my 3 were late too!

    Good luck

    Dottie x

    dottiecarddesign at aol dot com

  8. Never heard of CSN but you had me at cookie cutters...
    Sending good wishes and hugs. :o)
    {Dab and a dash.}

  9. Oh what lovely stuff, count me in.
    Sending positive vibes your way, hope things work out for you.

    Michelle x ( )

  10. More positive vibes winging your way x
    pam at averilpam dot co dot uk

  11. Sorry to hear you're having a bad time :o( sending some Kokokelli Karma your way hun :o) xXx

  12. Aww hunny that's not how u want to spend the rest of your pregacy BUT think of the amazing care you will be getting 24/7 AND the amazing bundle of joy you will have at the end! Lots of luck and good welsh karma being sent your way lady!!

    It's very kind of you to do a giveaway - thank you - so I would just like to say I would pick those cake cutters if I won along with something else hopefully!

    My fingers and eyes are even crossed to win!

    Lots of love and lucky dust!


  13. Aww, you poor thing. Sending you some positive vibes!

  14. What a lovely giveaway - great excuse to do some online shopping :)

    Sending lots of happy positive vibes your way!

    Kate x


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