Thursday, 18 November 2010


My step-mum is currently undergoing a very aggressive form of chemotherapy for an aggressive form of breast cancer.  As a result she is losing her hair and has taken to wearing hats.  I made her a lovely pink crochet hat which I then promptly forgot to take a photograph off before she headed off on a mini-break to Paris with it! 

But now I have a bit of a hat bug and Ravelry does nothing to curb the problem with all its lovely free patterns.

So first I used up the rest of the Wendy Serenity yarn I had left over from the Li'l Monkey blanket and made myself a lovely winter hat using this pattern....

Crochet hat for me

My mum then tried it on and has requested one for herself, so I may have to attempt a trip into the Outside World today and get some more yarn.

Crochet hat for me

I love this pattern, it is utterly fabulous, and it only took about two hours to make.

With all the hat making going on Lillia felt left out and requested a new hat for herself.  So last night I used this pattern that has been lurking in my Ravelry favourites for a wee while and ran up this cute little butterfly beanie...

Crochet hat for Lillia

The early morning frosty light and my inability to function much before 10am didn't help with the photos!

Crochet hat for Lillia

But trust me this hat looks super cool, and most importantly for out little lady - super pink!

It's been nice to pass the time with some leisurely crocheting.  I now 38 weeks pregnant, so due any day, and very uncomfortable indeed.  The baby seems to sit on every internal organ at the same time leaving me breathless and pretty miserable.  Although I remain at home for now my illness is still flaring up quite badly and draining me. Whinge whinge...  I could do with this baby arriving very soon!


  1. The hats are beautiful and I love the look of the pattern - I do hope your SM is OK?

    Good luck - I have my fingers crossed - here's hoping your new little bundle is in your arms sooner rather then later - there's nothing like a late baby to make you grumpy - I should know.

    Nina xxx

  2. I've been making hats, too! Very fulfilling, quick projects. Hang in there--baby will be here so soon!

  3. Wonderful hats - I especially like the one you made for yourself, it has a great bulky quality to it.

    Good luck with your final days of mother-to-be-ness! Let's just say it this way: I hope you don't have to make too many more hats...

    And best wishes to your stepmother, I hope she makes a full recovery.


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