Tuesday, 16 November 2010

£40 voucher winner!

Sorry sorry, I am so tardy in revealing the winner of the £40 voucher giveaway

I numbered the comments 1-14, then I used the good old random Random Number Generator and extracted a rather blurry snapshot of the result...

And lucky number 13 is...Claire of The Hookery!  Congratulations Claire!  I will forward your email to CSN who will email you your £40 voucher so you can get shopping!

Thanks so much everyone who commented and left me positive vibes - it seems to have worked as for now I still out of hopsital and actually seeing some improvement to the blasted condition that makes me so unwell!  Still no sign of baby, I will keep you all posted!



  1. Wow! Thank you! That's fantastic! I can't wait to start shopping :)

  2. congrats claire.....hope you get something fabulous with your prize! ;o) xxx

  3. gosh lovely giveaway! I love your handmade bunny from your work friends! not much longer to go now! its so exciting, cant wait for your 'bump' to arrive, its a shame we weren't due the same time! fliss xxx

  4. Just read your previous posts, im sorry to hear youve not been feeling too well. Do you have to be admitted for the last couple weeks? I had the same worries, they spoke about keeping me in for ten weeks! Hows your other little one, we had that sickness bug last week, it was really hard as ive got an infection in my section scar too then to get that bug as well, fingers crossed sam didn't get it and we're hoping its passed him by. Hope you're all ok, thinking of you! xxx


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