Friday, 14 January 2011

L'il Monkey Blanket in action!

Remember the Li'l Monkey Blanket?  Completed waaaay back in October last year, seems a lifetime ago!

Well Phoebe has been putting it to the test.  Lots of leg kicking and arm wriggling going on atop the blanket...

Yes, she seems most satisfied with it.  It's always lovely to see the things I make in use, getting stamped on, thrown about and sicked on.  It's how it should be :)


  1. I quite agree, what's the point of making something to put away in a box and keep "for best". Blanket looks ace by the way!

  2. That is lovely!! Great colours too :)

  3. So cute! I love the colors you used, they're much better than the colors chosen in the book.

  4. It's something she'll treasure when she's big too! So lovely xx

  5. Such a beautiful blanket, great combination of colours too.

    C x

  6. oh look at her cute little feet! has she smiled or cooed yet? Ive sent you an email too, fliss xxx


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