Friday, 21 January 2011

My mum's first blanket

You see what happens when lost in a haze of baby wrangling?  A week slips by with no blogging!  Shocking.  Fortunately I am able to produce a blog post based on somebody else's hard work and efforts! Hurrah! You see I am not the only creative one in my family. No no! My mum has been rather busy too.  Since I introduced her to the wonders of the interweb for finding patterns she has been knitting up squares of varying designs using leftover yarn with the intention of making a blanket.

Today she sent me the photos she has taken of the finished blanket...

Ta daaaah!  My mum's blanket!  Isn't it fabulous?  Lovely colours and the texture makes you want to reach out and stroke it,bury your feet in it, wrap yourself up in it and demand that tea be brought to you on a tray with the biscuit jar.

And here it is a la Ideal Home magazine styling...

Pretty impressive, huh?  I think my mum could be a craft blogger in the making..!

We'll be heading over to mum's on Sunday for lunch, where the blanket will no doubt be claimed by Lillia immediately.  For Lillia anything pink and snuggly is usually proclaimed to be "mine".



  1. wow thats gorgeous! :) xx

  2. that looks amazing - I'm stroking the laptop screen....

  3. I really love it!!! Would pay good money for one!! Clever crafty mum! xx

  4. You have a very talented mummy! I love the colours and the textures make me want to touch it!

    Fiona x

  5. I love the way she used all those different patterns and textures and put them together! How's *your* big blanket coming along?

  6. That is so cozy! I love that the blocks are in different sizes and configurations.


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