Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Big Happy blanket update - February

Just three more blocks of colour have appeared on the Big Happy this month.  Progress has been slow indeed.  But this is a Good Thing. Why? Well...

...progress has been slow because life has been busy, but also because I have been diverted by other crafty projects (to be revealed later!)

It's a good sign.  In the beginning, in the earlier weeks after Phoebe was born, I could couldn't have contemplated doing any kind of project, let alone the many I seem to keep getting stuck into now.  The Big Happy was always supposed to be a great lumbering slow project...

Progress is slow but steady, which as we all know will win the race :)


  1. This is awesome - and a nice project bag you've got there too! Glad to hear you're getting stuck back into the crafty stuff :)

  2. Oo, can't wait to see your other projects!

    Good to see the blanket coming along nicely. Is it cotton?

  3. I do love that blanket! I'm also curious as to what yarn you're using, because the colors are great..

  4. The big happy is beautiful and I love the colors! Looking forward to seeing your other projects too!

  5. So cool. You'll look back on this as a special way of tracking your progress through this phase of life. :)


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