Monday, 21 March 2011

Crochet booties not made by me

Look away now if you don't want your eyes aching from too much cuteness...

My sister made these gorgeous wee booties for baby Phoebe.  They only just fit her so she is wearing them pretty much constantly whilst she still can.  Can you see a glimpse of those chubby legs?  She is properly squishy :)

Too too cute, I think I need a lie down.


  1. They are so cute (the booties and the little one's feet.

  2. they are soooooo cute, how r u? and phobee? I will send you an email in the week sammy allowing! he he, i think hes teething already! wouldn't it be lovely if we lived close enough for a coffee?! xxx

  3. I'm behind on my blog reading and you've had a post fest recently! These are just gorgeous. There's nothing more cute than babies booties and these are particularly yummy, clever creativity obviously runs in the family x


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