Monday, 28 March 2011

My first arigurumi - Blue Monkey

March sees the start of Birthday Season here in the Snipsnaphappy household.  It starts with Hubby's birthday (god he is scarily old now...closer to 40 than 30) and ends with mine in April with various parents, siblings, friends, god-chidren and relatives in between.  It is utterly exhausting and more expensive than Christmas.

For my nearest and dearest I always like to give a little handmade gift and this year is no exception.  I've never really tried arigurumi before, I made a little heart but not a proper creature, so being me I waited until three days before Hubby's birthday before starting.  Nothing like a little pressure to get things moving. 

Now, I don't know if it was the lovely yarn (Patons Smoothie in cream and Rowan Alpaca Cotton in blue) or the pattern, or just the fact I love monkeys, but this project was thoroughly enjoyable.  Best of all though is that at the end of it I had a new little friend...

Lillia has named him Bluey White, which suits him well I am sure you agree!  I added a jaunty little bow made from Cath Kidston ribbon as he seemed to be a dapper little fellow.

He was waiting with Hubby's pressies when he got home from work.  Hubby was delighted!  Though possibly more delighted with the lovely bottle of Chateauneuf...

Bluey White will have to spend his days above floor level at all times though.  You see his bottom is stuffed with lentils and the last creation I made with lentils in its bottom (a gremlin named Rosie) had a rather unfortunate injury when we had mice.  The mice have now been evicted and Rosie has recovered well but still bears the scars and doesn't like to talk about it...

Bluey will therefore be protected from a similar fate, just in case the mice sniff a treat and return :)

More birthday makes from me later this week, including a cake the colour of a dead fish and a dancing have been warned.


  1. Wow, that is gorgeous. Do you sell them at all? If not, you should! Love the Kidston ribbon - just hope he doesn't get attacked by little furry critters!!!!

    My July is like your April. I think it's most inconsiderte for everyone to have their birthdays grouped together in such a fashion! ;) xXx

  2. He's fab!! Love seeing your new creations x

  3. Thanks everyone!
    Christina - thanks! I don't sell them, it's not my pattern so that would be naughty :D Maybe I will make one soon for a giveaway though...!

  4. What a fantastic make, he looks a very mischeivious monkey. I always think birthdays are like buses, none for ages than four of five come along at once.

  5. It looks great! The part I like least about Amigurumi is the sewing and tucking of ends. But they're so satisfying because they're so quick and so much fun in the end!

  6. oooh! i love monkeys and this little fellow is particularly wonderful!

  7. Oh my LOVE LOVE LOVE your monkey! I am yet to crochet a pet... but it is on my "learn how list"... :-)


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