Sunday, 20 March 2011

Bombay Dreams

Every so often I come across a crochet pattern that I just know I will keep coming back to time and time again (remember the sock addiction of last year?)  I found this luverly pattern on Ravelry when I was frantically clicking through the iterweb trying to find a baby cardigan pattern the day before my neice's christening.  It is incredibly simple and very quick to do, I can see myself whipping up many of these...

If you are my friend on Flickr you can see Phoebe modelling her new cardy and totally rocking the crochet look (very on-trend)  If you are not my friend on Flickr, why not?


  1. It's very cute! Hmmm, are we flickr friends? I don't remember....

  2. this is very pretty...and is the same colour scheme i used on a sweater i made for my little one!


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