Monday, 24 October 2011

Creature of the Night

After making Topsee during my convelesence a couple of weeks ago I got an urge to make another softie, a big chunky huggable one, from my own design.  The high dose of steroids I am on tends to wake me in the night, too much cortisone running through my veins, and I had a few nights between 2 and 5am where I just sat and scribbled designs for creatures.  There are quite a few to be made but the first to emerge is "Alien" as she has become known...

My new crochet creature :)

My new crochet creature :)

In my initial little middle-of-the-night sketch I knew I wanted it to have a big head and gangly limbs, and a pot belly was essential too.  I wanted it to be simple in colour, with stripey legs and cute little ears.  I do want to make another version with floppy ears too.

Crochet creature's ear
My new crochet creature :)

Lillia referred to the Creature as "Alien" the whole time I was making it, and because it is made with lilac wool she was also declared to be a girl.  Every girl needs an accessory so I made Alien a little neck scarf with a funky shell button, I think it suits her well, don't you?

Crochet creature with scarf

Crochet creature's scarf

Crochet creature wearing scarf

Alien was my first proper go at completely designing something myself.  She evolved in a fairly organic way - I applied what I knew about crochet and just did everything by sight.  Once the circle for her face was wide enough I started to form the main part of the head, then once that was wide round enough I started to close it off to form the correct size.  For her body I worked decreases and increases to form her belly and bottom, although I would like to go back and make the placement of these a bit neater I am quite happy with how it all turned out.

I wrote everything down, every single stitch is documented, so I can make more Aliens and, more importantly, I can share the pattern with you here!  So if you love Alien and would like to make one yourself I shall be posting the pattern here very soon, as soon as I can get time to perfect it and write it all up.  And I have more to come too, a few more creatures being formed from those sleepless nights sitting up sketching the steroid-induced images in my head.

I really loved designing and making Alien and I can't wait to perfect the pattern and share it, I could really see myself doing many more!  Do let me know what you think of her :)



  1. I love her, especially her stripy legs!! Do post the pattern, I'd definitely have a go.

    Have you weighted her inside with anything?


  2. What a gorgeous lilac stripey long legged alien.......oh how I wish I could get my head around crochet patterns, I can just about manage a granny square, would still love to have a go though. Hope you're feeling a little better. xx

  3. Alien is lovely, and the scarf is the perfect finish. Well done!

  4. little Alien is perfectly delightful!

  5. I Ali, I can't find the tutorial for this Alien. Have you already posted it? I really like it!


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