Saturday, 8 October 2011

Home is where the heart is

Well they released me early for good behaviour. My intestines' good behaviour that is. IV steroids calmed things down, along with the cocktail of other drugs I am now on.  So I was well enough to come home and continue my treatment here, albeit with plenty of rest...yada yada.  I am not good at resting.

But my goodness it is good to be home.

This week has been a little life-altering.  I have had ulcerative colitis for a long time, I have taken various drugs and a lot of steroids for a long time.  I didn't expect to end up in hospital for a third time though and it has started me on a rollercoaster of thinking about the life I currently lead and the life I would prefer.  I am just so damn sick of being sick.  I am an angry coiled up ball of fury right now, liable to blow at any moment.

So completely ignoring all the instructions to rest, and the protests of hubby, I headed straight for the new Cath Kidston shop at Bluewater this morning.  My logic for this excursion was that I bloody well deserved a treat...and I just wanted to get out of the damn house and into the world for an hour, then I promised I would have a hot bath and go to bed.

The problem with feeling horribly sorry for yourself and being in a lovely shop full of gorgeously over-priced things is that you will end up spending money.  And spend money is what I did.  It felt pretty good.

I came back with a modest but tasty haul of goodies...

Lillia got the heart keyring that she fell in love with, and the sheep pencil because I fell in love with it.

I treated myself to a rather pricey new purse.  Pricey but so worth it, so preeeeeetty...

I will smile every time I go shopping now, even if I am buying drain cleaner.

I also got a new underbed storage bag. It sounds trivial but I already have one of these for the girls' bedding which I keep under Phoebe's cot and it looks so pretty I am almost pleased at my lack of other useful storage.  Who needs to hide things in a practical airing cupboard when you can have a gorgeous flowery storage bag on display, eh?

Because we were one of the first lot of customers I got a free reuseable bag too which was an unexpected bonus...

A successful little trip, finished off nicely with a croissant and a cup of tea before heading home.  I am now in bed with my new best new Fujitsu laptop :)  A working laptop, release from hospital, a body full of drugs and a haul of CK goodies all in 24 hours...I need a lie down.

I have lots to share with you of course.  Three days in hospital is a LOT of time with nothing but a bag of yarn to keep you occupied. But for now I shall leave you to drool jealously over my new goodies :)


  1. Happy to hear you're home, enjoy your lovely CK goodies and take care. x

  2. Glad you're home and got some retail therapy out of the way. Now rest up!


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