Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Pierrot Yarns

Just skipping in here in an excited manner to share with you a website I just happened upon whilst looking for a pattern for an oval rug.  I found this pattern which is just what I was looking for....

...then I got drawn into the site as they have some simply amazing patterns.  Pierrot Yarns is a Japanese site with loads of free patterns translated into English (by using slightly scary looking crochet charts).  The patterns are just luv-er-ly!

Here are just some that I have to make immediately, though of course I don't have the time to make them immediately so I shall just have to dream of having the time....

The Newsboy Cap, which would look cute as a pudding on Lillia...and the Carnival Hat for me...

Don't get me started on the bags! Oh the bags! 
The Ribbon Accent Bag, oh my!

And the Striped Bag makes me want to grab my hook right now...

The Floral Pouch would be excellent to make for gifts...

And for the home, among all the cute blankets and rugs there's this gorgeous Pillow pattern...

Lastly how about these cosy Blossom Slippers now that the nights are getting cooler?

So now I need to teach myself how to properly read crochet charts (I am a little rusty) so I can get on and start ploughing through all these tempting patterns.

All pictures and patterns are from Pierrot Yarns and are copyright of Gosyo Co. Ltd, who kindly agreed to let me use them so I could share them with you :)  They also have a rather lovely online yarn shop, head over there if you dare!  My debit card is twitching in my purse already....eek.


  1. Wow - that all looks rather amazing. Wish I could read the charts :(

    Nina x

    ps. you'd love Lincoln - the little villages are just gorgeous. N x

  2. I would for real buy that carnival hat from you if you wanted to make an extra. I love how fat and warm the yarn looks!!! :) xx Sez

  3. Oh my. I want to make it all!!


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