Monday, 9 February 2009

Day 49: Butterfly mirror and the flickr cool/warm challenge

There's only a few days left until the deadline for the flickr cool/warm challenge. I had started on my cool mirror:

Cool mirror in progress

I ran out of tiles so I need to somehow get to the mosaic shop in Central London to buy a new supply before my time runs out. However I also have my butterfly mirror:

Butterfly mirror

For this I have all the necessary materials to hand so I will probably enter this one to the challenge.

It's been a tough week, the weather has made it difficult to get out and about with munchkin, so she's a little cabin-feverish. Hubby and I are both trying to throw of infections too, so we're tired and snippy. I just feel like I need some time off from work to concentrate on organising the home and finishing some of my creative projects. It's difficult to be so stuck in such a soulless, creativity-void job in a city that is grumpy and cynical, it's no wonder I sometimes struggle to be inspired! But by making the time, even during periods like this, it is having an effect. When the job gets to me, I have a quick browse on the internet and look at mosaics, or on Etsy, or look at the pictures I have of hubby and munchkin giving it a go, and I am reminded I have more important things waiting for me at home.


  1. Hi Ali,
    i know how you feel. i am losing my job at the end of the month and my husband was laid off (made redundant over there) in December. Sometimes everything and everyone seems so cynical and like you said, grumpy. I really try to focus on the positive and think of this as a new start, a new adventure, but some days are harder than others! You are right-family is the most important thing. The rest of it will sort itself out one way or another. Hang in there and keep creating. Sometimes I find it's the only thing that keeps up sane.
    aka cadonna

  2. Donna, oh no I am so sorry to hear that you are losing your job. My hubby has been made redundant three time in the last five years, and we've bounced back each time!
    But yes, like you say it's family that matters, and the mosaicing is like meditation.
    Thanks for being my first comment on my blog! Yay!


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