Monday, 16 February 2009

Day fifty-six: Butterfly mirror finished!

The butterfly mirror is finished!

I really really enjoyed doing this one. I like working with ceramics, it's like cutting butter compared to glass. I really enjoyed making something out of another thing altogether too, this was an old green plate so the pieces aren't flat, which make the whole thing really tactile.

I gave it to my sister as a present for her 30th birthday and she is really pleased, she has promised to send me a picture of it in situ.

Now, what to do next? Tonight I start on a stepstool especially for my little girl.

She uses it every night to stand on and clean her teeth. It's solid wood from Ikea and she wants me to mosaic her footprints so she can stand on them. I'm looking forward to the challenge and hoping she is pleased with the outcome! I'll have to start on the top first and work quickly so it's not out of action for long. I know I could do the mosaic on mesh, but the idea of it makes me nervous...but maybe this would be a good project to try it with. Any tips greatly appreciated.

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