Monday, 2 February 2009

Day forty-three: Snow Day!

Today was particularly magical, we woke up to a snow covered imbolc! All trains going into London were cancelled, there were no buses running, and we couldn't get the car onto the road anyway! So hubby worked from home and the little 'un and I had a fairly lazy day, punctuated with very cold walks around the nearby neighbourhood in our wellies!

Snow aside, it has been a creative few days in the snipsnaphappy household here in Kent. I have so far more or less successfully managed one creative thing daily, and it seems this is rubbing off on the hubby and the offspring! My little girl produced another fabulous mosaic, and even taught my hubby a thing or too; he started on a rather brilliant Robin. Can't wait to see it finished. He's very artistic my hubby, it just lies dormant most of the time!

Having finished my genie bottle for the flickr mosaic challenge I started to work again on my butterfly mirror.

It was lovely to be working to my own flow again, and also to use PVA glue after being stuck* with silicone for the last week or so. I absolutely love the flickr challenge group, it gives me such scope for practising new skills and materials, and it builds my confidence with each comment I get from the other (far more talented) group members. The group has allowed me to begin to discover what my own style is, or could be, what I enjoy, and what I am dismal at!

* excuse pun.

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