Thursday, 22 October 2009

A post with no pictures.

No time and no light for photographing the ever growing mounds of granny squares in my house. No time to show you snippets of the two new dolls I am making for friends, no photos of the organic and vintage handbags in progress.

But what the hell, I need to post, so post I will! My head is swimming with many many things. My gorgeous little girl starts school next year and we’ve been visiting local primary schools, preparing for our applications, anticipating the long wait until March when we will finally find out if she has got a place at the school we want her to go to.

The same gorgeous little girl was also up most of the night with a dreadful coughy-cold. We are all knackered, we are all sniffly, we are all feeling the pinch of the end of the month, we are all aware that times they are a changin’. I cannot work 8-5 in the City when the wee one starts school. I have sacrificed many things but I will not, shall not, give up the chance to be there at the school gates at ten past three every day to pick her up from school.

I am fed up with sacrificing my cosy, colourful, chaotic family and home life for an arduous grey commute and endless days in a strip lit office. No matter how noble the organisation, it’s just not worth it.

So plans are being made and plots are being hatched. Money needs to be scrimped and saved, luxuries will disappear for a while. Frugality will be the name of the game here in my cottage with a blue door. Plus I need a way of generating a little income without having to work full time or travel into London. Could I sell some of my bags perhaps? Or maybe some mosaic frames? Some crochet blankets or wrist-warmers? Or some of my polyclay models? Scary thought, putting my crafts “out there” in that way. Hmmm.

Yes, lots to think about.

But for now a slice of carrot cake and a cuppa.

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