Friday, 7 May 2010

A little time off

We have had a beachy week.

A little time out from work and routine.

It's been a lovely break.  But not the entire reason I have been absent from blogging, or rather intermittent in my presence at least.  No the main reason is that I have been too sick to look at the computer screen for the length of time required to edit photographs and write text, or concentrate on reading all my favourite blogs.  Plus I have had every shred of energy sucked out of me so by the time I have worked, commuted, mothered and eaten I am usually straight off to bed.

Sound familiar to anyone?  Yes, I am pregnant.  10 weeks to be precise.  Having miscarried last November we have been really anxious, so we had a private early scan last week to confirm all was going well, which it was.  We will have another scan in two and a half weeks so we have all fingers and toes crossed. 

It is a worrying and exciting time, so for now we are enjoying a little beachy sunshine on the shores of Kent.

More on our adventures to come this week I promise!  I have been too sick to do any crafting, but I am slowly beginning to feel a bit better so I am hoping normal service will resume shortly.



  1. Ali lots of love and congratulations. Sending you best wishes for good health. Stay well and rested - and do whatever you need to maintain that, Fi x

  2. Good luck. I can appreciate how anxious you feel after a miscarriage. Fingers crossed I hope all goes well.
    Take care and look after yourself
    Jenny x

  3. Awwhhh Ali. i've hoping for this for you for awhile now. While I know the first part can be so exhausting, it will pass. Rest when you can and take care of yourself. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for a healthy, happy rest of the pregnancy. Congratulations to all of you!

  4. :D YAY! XOXOXOXOXO Congratulations Ali!

  5. Had to return and say that the picture of Lilia on the bench is fantastic.

  6. Congratulations, Ali! The very best reason to be away (and maybe the worst, given the sickness). Glad you're getting some rest, and hope you feel on the upswing soon!

  7. soon as you said getting sick looking at the computer I immediately thought 'pregnant' and then you said it 'yay!!'

    I too had similar symptons with the Littlest Boo....anything motion, flickering and sitting related always set me off - I didn't sew or sit at the computer for the whole of my pregnancy....

    ...and if I'm not mistaken that's Margate!!

    My friend Ann made the shell lady. Next time missus let me know and we'll meet for coffee or a herbal tea - OK?

    Congratulations again and huge hugs,

    Nina xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. ps. just realised pebble beach = not Margate, it's all sandy along our shores...sorry. I just got all excited and carried away - I'm always doing that!

    take care and have a fabulous weekend,

    Nina (again!!) xxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Congratulations,how exciting! Get lots of R and R,hope the sickness goes away soon.Keeping everything crossed for the next scan.

    Bellaboo :0)

  10. You KNOW how excited I am for you :-) hope you have a lovely lovely break xxx

  11. Congratulations! What a beautiful post - lovely pictures and such exciting news - I'm so happy for you and your family!


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