Monday, 31 May 2010

Natural woman

Why hello!  Sorry blogging has been sporadic of late and I know I keep going on about how I feel too sickly and knackered to create anything let alone blog.  But I reeeeeally have been feeling sickly, and somehow as the first morning of the second trimester dawned there was no miraculous shift to "blooming".  Blooming nauseous more like.


That said, I have been feeling slightly better.  I have managed to muster the energy to indulge in some of my favourite past times this weekend - namely being a bit hippyish, baking and crocheting.

I've always loved natural remedies, I am a bit of a tree-hugger at heart.  I've battled illness for all of my adult life and I am a great believer in homeopathy, and as far as bath and beauty products go I always pick the natural option and I am huge fan of Lush.  I also love aromatherapy.  And wine is natural, right? Big fan of wine. So when it comes to dying my hair things are no different...

This is henna.  If you've not heard of it before it is a type of mud that dyes skin and hair.  It is VERY messy, it involves lots of mixing, mashing, hot water and elbow grease, then a lot of black towels, rubber gloves, cling film and plastic bags...

You leave it on for about five hours, it smells divine but it pretty much confines you to the house for the day unless you don't mind going out looking like a lunatic.

And when stuck indoors one needs to find things to do to amuse one's self.  Hmmm, maybe Nigella can help...





A lovely relaxing weekend eating cake, drinking tea, hanging out with my family, and creating fabulous hair.  Oh and of course a spot of crocheting, natural crocheting no less...

But more on this tomorrow! 




  1. Poor you feeling all sickly still! I prescribe tea, bath bombs, crochet, and a laptop close at hand!

    I finally got my website problems resolved so back to blogging properly again. Will look forward to reading what you're doing when you feel up to it. XX

  2. Hope you start to feel better soon, and can really start to enjoy your pregnancy.
    Love the idea of the hair dye, how long does it last?
    Mr D loves the look of the cake so I think I'll be baking tomorrow!
    Take care

  3. So sorry you're still feeling yucky. Wouldn't it be nice if the second trimester magically changed everything? It didn't for me, either, but it did get better slowly....

    Am very interested to see what the henna-died hair looks like. I've done henna on my hands, but never on hair!


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