Monday, 10 May 2010

Shell Mosaics

Aw, thanks all of you for the lovely comments on my last post :)  I am beginning to feel a lot better thanks, baked beans don't make me heave anymore, must be a good sign!

In the absence of any crafting activity recently I thought I would try to make my return to blogging with some tales of my adventures this past week.  We took a little "staycation" and did some fun things close to home.  On Thursday we went to Margate where we visited the Shell Grotto.  At £3 per adult and £1.50 for the little one it was very reasonably priced, the entrance and the shop were modest and relatively low key, so all-in-all we didn't have massive expectations.  But it turned out to be pretty special indeed. 

(Be warned the rest of this post is about to descend into pure mosaic geekness, if you are not into mosaics, shell mosaics or the like then look away now.)

As you go in you are greeted by a massive commemorative shell mosaic, created more recently than those mosaics in the grotto itself...

 I mean,  It's made of shells! Look at the colours, incredible.

Then it's down some stairs that lead you under ground and to your first glimpse of the mosaiced grotto...

According the the information we were given the mosaics depict the journey of life, from birth, growth, death and then a celestial afterlife.

The detail is amazing, look at this shell rose...

There are flowers...

 And hearts...

The whole place, despite being dark and small and under ground, feels very calm and safe.

It was discovered in 1835 and nobody is quite sure how long ago it was actually created.

It was an extremely inspirational place to visit and I am now itching to get started on my next mosaic.  I have been collecting white pebbles and sea glass for a while now with the intention of making a mosaiced mirror and now I think I will get started.  Just as soon as I stop feeling too nauseous :)

If you are ever in Margate I can highly recommend a visit, they even have the cutest little cafe and the shop sells beautiful shells and decorative shell items and none of it carries a hefty touristy price tag.  Well worth a visit.

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  1. Wow, that's some pretty amazing stuff. Definitely inspiring for your sea-themed next project, I'm sure!


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