Thursday, 13 May 2010

Thinking frocks

My good friend Lottie of LottieLoves put out the challenge to me and many others last week to wear a dress on bank holiday Monday. Not one to shirk a challenge I happily obliged, besides my jeans don't fit me anymore so drastic measures were required.

Here is a picture of a complete moomin...

Ok, it's not a moomin, it's me in a dress, and despite the fact I look a bit daft and uncomfortable I actually wasn't, in fact I was more comfortable than I had been all week.  Hubby took this picture on the morning of bank holiday Monday at my Dad's house.  After this my dress and I undertook a spot of geocaching with hubby...

I must at this stage mention my boots - I love them, they are from Monsoon and cost £90, making them the most expensive item of clothing I own.  They are incredibly comfortable and don't look out of place in a restaurant, nor standing in the middle of a Berkshire field like above!

We bagged ourselves a few caches, here's me with the first we found...

Caches typically require a lot of rummaging around in order to find them, here I am investigating the undergrowth, rather like David Bellamy in a dress, but without the ginger beard of course...

Found it!

So there you have it, proof that a girl can feel comfortable, look great, trudge around fields, rummage around in bushes and be a geek all whilst wearing a frock!

If you fancy taking up the Friday Frock challenge click on the button on my sidebar, the one that looks like this...

Now I have a little problem.  That dress that you see me wearing above, well that's about the extent of my dress collection.  So some shopping may be required, bit difficult whilst budgeting for maternity leave though. Hmmm...ebay perhaps?  Anyone got ay thrifty dress-shopping tips?


  1. Aw, you look great, and definitely well at home in any environment with that outfit.

  2. You look fab! I love the fact that you scrambled around in it too :-) You should have a wonder around charity shops and bag some bargains x

  3. Just discovered you through blogger, A Mouse in the Pantry. What you sent her was absolutely adorable. Of course, after looking through your blog I can see how creative and crafty you are.

    Oh - and I love the boots as well!

  4. That would be 'wander' - you know i'm not illiterate, I hope.

  5. Hello, sorry I'm only just making my way over to say "thank you, thank you, thank you" for my lovely package.

    My children were quite heartbroken that it wasn't for them so the addition of things that were for them was incredibly thoughtful of you.

    It was a lovely package and I'm enjoying it's contents enormously.

    Thank you so much.



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