Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Secret Post Club - May

I have been LOVING the Scret Post Club so far.  Kudos to Heather of Notes from Lapland for being so darn clever and organising the whole shebang.

May was my second month as a member and I received a fabulous mix of goodies all the way from Canada.  Here's my loot (do excuse the piccies in this post, I couldn't be bothered shifting upstairs to get the proper Nokia camera so the ickle one had to do, that's pregnancy for you)...

I got a seriously lovely parcel full of lovely goodies.  There was a real handmade and natural feel to all the gifts with lip balm made with natural ingredients, organic moisturiser and gorgeous natural soap ...

I have the cutest little tinned candle to light whilst I am soaking in the bath (using my new soap of course) and that crayola shaped soap?  It's made with goat's milk and is from Etsy! Lillia was delighted with that as she stole it from my stash!  Though I am pretty sure it was meant for her anyway :)

She also included something called "Fiesta Mix" - a spice blend that you mix in with sour cream and mayo to make a dip.  Hubby whipped that out of my hands pretty quick!  Can't wait to try it.

My sender, Audrey, didn't include a note or any clues to her blog so I'm afraid to say I googled her.  Sorry Audrey!  She has a beautiful crafty blog that is definitely worthy of a cup of tea and a good half hour on the laptop, I just hope she forgives me for outing her!

Now please excuse me, I have some dip to go mix up...

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