Thursday, 16 September 2010

Every cloud...

Ok so I may be unwell and in a slight limbo while I decide which route to take to, hopefully, better health...but being stuck at home with a few child-free hours a day has its advantages.

Like having the time to make some of my favourite lemon cookies...

And of course having the time to eat them :)

I've also had a bit of sofa time to complete my "background" crochet project, the one I keep for when I'm between "proper" projects, like now whilst I am waiting for a stock of yarn to come in to finish my Li'l Monkey blanket.

This bag came about for two reasons - firstly as I needed a yarn bag, and secondly because I need to use up my stash of acrylic wool to free up space before the baby arrives.

This was made up as I went along - a continuous round of double crochet, handles worked in single crochet (I'm talking US terms here) and then edged with some bobbly picot edging.

I'm rather pleased with the edging as I had to apply a little of my crochet experience to figure out the best way to space it out and how to do this.    It's the perfect size for all my yarn...

Now I just need to work out what my next project should be!  Better head off to Ravelry for more baby hat patterns I think :)


  1. I wish I was that productive when I'm feeling bad! You make me want to get my act together - thank you! Fab crafty makes as always!!

    Take care of yourself, ele xx

  2. What cheerful colors on and in that bag :) Nice crochet stitches too. I hope you are getting lots of rest and will be feeling better soon.

  3. I love the bag Ali! Was wondering about those cookies though. Lemon is my favorite - could you send me the recipe - please? Also, will be working on stuff for you and Lillia this weekend. :D

  4. I'm also really sorry to hear you're not well - sending you a proper email at the weekend.

  5. I really like that edging, too. Great bag! Really hope you get some respite from the illness soon.

  6. Love the picture and the biscuits - and that crochet bag is awesome!


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