Wednesday, 15 September 2010

My new photo canvas..and my new shelves

The lovely people over at Photobox asked if I would review one or two of their products and it couldn't have come at a better time; hubby had literally just finished turning the last screw in my new alcove shelves and they were crying out for some lovely pictures to sit on them!  So I agreed straight away to test run a canvas print.

The process on the Photobox site is relatively easy - you upload your photos, go to the canvas print section, select your size (mine is 30.5x20.3cm), then select a photo from your album and get cropping if you need to.  Initially I wanted to go for a large canvas - a landscape scene to hang on a wall, but despite using pretty high resolution images I couldn't seem to get one of a high enough quality to go really big.  Humph. 

Instead I went for a smaller size so I could be safe in the knowledge that the image would be good and clear and I am really pleased I did as I love the result.  The quality is way better than I was expecting too, really well finished, neat and sturdy...

It comes with all the necessary fixings and bits and bobs, but it's ideal to plonk on a shelf, particularly a brand new shelf, ahem...

And as Photobox were doing a rather generous buy-one-get-one-free offer on canvas prints at the time I got two of these, one as a gift so I can't show it here :)

Aaaaaand I treated myself to a photobook too!

Using photos from the last couple of years - the "pre-school" years - I cobbled together a little book of Lillia in the run up to school.  I can't tell you how much fun this was to put together - selecting the best photos, uploading, putting them in order, choosing the layout on each page, playing about with captions and sizes - ooooooh, I was in my element!

I went for a pretty bog standard square sprial bound photobook.  It's 20x20cm and I went for no frills at all - if you want you can pay for optional extras, such as proper binding rather than spirals, changing the finish of the pages, even removing the photobox logo if you're so inclined. 

I love this book.  Seriously, even if photobox hadn't asked me to nicely to do a review I would still absolutely love this book.  I am already working on another one as a gift!  (They have 25% off photobooks until Thursday, woohoo!)

So there you have it - one set of new shelves, one (ok, two) new photo canvases, a lovely photobook and one happy customer :)  All I need now if for Camelot to call and ask me to review what it's like to win a million...


  1. It helps to have such a cute photo subject too. :)

  2. Oh how lovely, I have an unfinished photobook which has been languishing for way too long, perhaps this is the nudge I need to finish.

  3. love this idea, gonna have to try it out for myself! ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx


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