Monday, 27 September 2010

Pink weekend

Oopsy!  Sometimes over a week can lapse and I don't even realise.  Is it me or does blogland time run faster than ordinary time?  I could have sworn I ony wrote that last post a day or two ago!

Pink flowers

To be honest crafting has been shelved this week in favour of Autumn Cleaning.  There has been massive clear-outs of clutter going on - old furniture is off to new homes on freecycle, boxes of books donated to charity shops, unworn clothes and shoes are on ebay and drawers and cupboards are being cleared.  It is time to make space for a new person coming to live with us!  The resulting mayhem has kind of put a hold on crafting acivities.

Pink flowers

The weekend was spent mostly at home, pottering about working my way through the washing, sorting through boxes and getting Ready.  Lillia chose the pink flowers when we went shopping for supplies of popcorn to eat whilst watching far too many DVDs, I let her choose whatever she wanted and I love the cheerful pinkness of them :)

It has been both lazy and exhausting at the same time.  The man of the house was caught having a little snooze under Lillia's birthday ripple blanket, which has taken residence on the sofa for frequent snuggling...

Pink ripple blanket

I think he has accepted that pink is the way of the future for him now...come December he will be outnumbered 3 to 1!


  1. Are you nesting??

    Love the sneaky snap - men really, they are just big softies!

    Nina xxx

  2. Such a lovely ripple, the colours are perfect and apparently very relaxing!

  3. Such a pretty blanket, perfect for anyone!

  4. Yep - blogland time goes waaaaaaaaaay too fast!

    Loving that ripple blanket so much - especially cute with a confident male not scared of pink under it!


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