Saturday, 4 September 2010


Oooops! Where did that last week and a half go?  As you can imagine life is somewhat hectic with antenatal appointments coming out of my ears, along with trips to gastroenteology thanks to the ol' ulcerative colitis playing up again. And most of all my darling girl is all grown up and will be starting school next week! So suddenly I find myself knee deep in polo shirts and pinafores, sewing name tags and packing plimsols.

At the same time we are unpacking bags of tiny pink things - little hats, sleep suits and outfits tiny enough to fit Lillia's dolls - and clearing drawers to put them in once they have been carefully sorted, washed and folded. It feels like I am on a continual conveyor belt of clothes organising.  But it's not a bad thing, it feels good :)

The crochet has been slowed down somewhat by all this activity and anticipation but I have still managed a respectable amount of chunky soft granny squares to go towards my Li'l Monkey blanket...

And there has been other crafting going on to, oh yes!  I did mention it fleetingly on twitter recently, but if you are not inclined to tweet, or if you missed it, just check back here tomorrow when all will be revealed!



  1. Look at you, you're one of those hip, modern moms who juggles work, family, pregnancy, appointments -- and still has a little time for craft projects. I have to stop and take a break mid-way through washing the dishes at night. :O

    You're amazing!

    (I just went back through your tweets about your secret craft project, which I missed somehow -- neato! Way to go & good luck.)

  2. Such fun to pull out all those little clothes---but yes, all the washing and folding and putting away, oh my! Cute things here!


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