Thursday, 30 December 2010

The Big Happy

Anyone who reads this blog knows I love crochet.  I dabble in many crafty creative things but over the last year or so crochet has really come to the fore as my craft of choice.

The start of the Big Happy blanket

I love doing it, I love seeing other people's pictures of what they are doing, I love learning new patterns and stitches.  I love the old fashioned simplicity of it.  I love that I use my great grandmother's darning needle to sew crochet squares together like she would have done.

So I hatched a plan.  If crochet makes me happy then crochet can help me out of the post-natal depression.  I'm not keen on taking the route of medication right now, especially as I am still desperately persevering with breastfeeding, so anything that can help is worth a try.

The next pattern in the Happy Hooker Backwards project is for an iPod cover. I had been rather looking forward to this as it presented a bit of a challenge, given that iPods have evolved somewhat since the pattern was written, so I would have to modify it and work out my own pattern for covering an iPhone instead.  However in my current baby focused, brain-adled state there is no way I would be able to take this on.  So this is on hold until I regain my mind.

Instead I decided I needed a Big Project.  Something huge yet simple.  Something that will take me a lonnnnnng time to do without taxing me too much.  Something that can be started now in the depths of my depression and finished many months from now by the happy recovered Me of the future.

Introducing the Big Happy...

The start of the Big Happy blanket

The start of the Big Happy blanket

This is going to be a mahoosive blanket.  It measures 2.7m wide...quite accidentally, I didn't plan it, I just hooked the foundation chain until it seemed long enough, oops.  It is a Granny Stripe blanket, a pattern from the endlessly delightful and colourful Attic24 blog.  Simple rows of double crochet (I work in US terms) clusters, endless rows of the same stitch in different colours.  The colours will be random.  This blanket is all about Not Thinking, just doing, just occupying my hands and creating colourful row upon row of soft and delicious stripes.  Something I can pick up to work on in any free minute I may find.  Until one day, months from now, it will be finished and I will look back on each row and remember the days and weeks and months I worked through to get to the end point. 

The start of the Big Happy blanket

It will be my Big Happy blanket.

The start of the Big Happy blanket

When it is complete I will be happy, I will be Me again.


  1. 2010 I taught myself to knit, 2011 I am determined to master the art of crotchet!
    Lovely bright coloured wools, certainly getting my creative juices flowing!

    B xx

  2. I love this idea! I'm proud of you for working so hard to find ways to help yourself through this, and I have every confidence it will happen in good time. Enjoy your crochet, my friend!

  3. what a fantastic project's a "point of reference" for the tough times you are going through...almost like a ground zero! It'll give you time to reflect, focus, scream {silently of course!}, plan, plot, relax, chill, calm down and inevitably find yourself....I LOVE IT!!!!

    I never got that chance to grab my "point of reference" before the "BIG D" hit...I will follow your journey and heap encouragement along the way :o)

    I am wishing you a "Happy" New Year and hope it's a healthy and prosperous one!


    hello gorgeous xxx

  4. What a wonderful idea, something as comforting as a blanket seems the perfect way to heal. I hope you come out of the fog an into a happy place very soon.

  5. Here's to happiness - it looks amazing and the colours are 'wowsa'

    Happy New Year Ali and here's to fresh starts,

    take care and happy hooking,

    Nina xxx

  6. How fantastic! There's nothing like having a 'long-term WIP' on the go to pick up as and when life allows. Wishing you lots of happy corcheting for 2011 :) x

  7. Hi Ali, Happy New Year

    I love the BIG HAPPY idea!! I've just picked up my granny stripe blanket and a big easy project to get stuck into that doesnt require much thought it a brilliant idea.

    Wishing you good health as you find happy again, Lots of love, Fiona xx

  8. So LOVELY! I am a mom to 7, and I tell you, mindless projects keep the heart happy....I learned to crochet at 10 and grew up to become a quilt designer/instructor/homeschool mommy/wife/knitter/gardener/ and now I am picking up my hook again as my 11 yr old knitting girl decided to learn to crochet as well. I've decided to pop back in to crochet (tho I did make 4 of my girls drawstring pouches and me a big bag ala Lucy) but I'm doing a big afghan too, either a ripple or granny stripe. Going to sleep on it and decide in the am. Bless your wee new one, keep up the nursing! I did, for 14 yrs, and got super-healthy kids out of it. Only 2 ear infections out of the whole lot, strong little bodies. Nice to meet you here.

  9. Wow, looking at your work you are a talented lady. Also quite inspirational - a fellow PND sufferer I think taking on such a project is a great idea! In fact I'm going to a sewing afternoon with my mother-in-law tomorrow with the intention of making a skirt (I'm a complete novice!). Reading your post has given me a new perspective in that I'm now going to see it as a refreshing form of therapy. Looking forward to it now, so thank you :D xX


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