Sunday, 7 February 2010

Magazine inspiration

I love magazines.

I love to spend a good hour or so in a hot bath reading them.  I am fortunate enough that friends and family have bought me the odd subscription over the years and so I don't have to spend a monthly fortune to keep my supply up.

Despite my ever-present frugality I do allow myself the odd little treat though, I quite often buy Ideal Home and drool over every page.  This month I finally tracked down and treated myself to Sew Hip.  At £3.99 it ain't cheap, but I promised myself that I would make at least two things from it to make up for the cost.

I needed a notebook to jot bloggy ideas down in so I also bought Prima this month, it had a freebie notebook with it and the price tag of £2.80 was less than a new hardback notebook on its own.

It wasn't until I removed the notebook from the front that I noticed the strapline!  No, not "10 surprising reasons for your aching joints" (though I will be reading that!) but this bit...

Oooh, bonus!  The projects are very simple and basic, I wasn't inspired by all of them, but a couple caught my eye...

I especially like the idea of a little embroidered picture...

I love that saying, home is where the heart is, don't you?

It got me thinking though, a year ago I would never have thought of any of these projects as "simple" and I would never have thought that making these things would be within my ability.  It prompted me to dig out an old book that somebody gave me a while back...

Not full of the greatest ideas but again there are a few projects that look like they're worth a go...

So maybe it's time to branch out and start attempting new things, goodness knows I have enough fabric lying about to play with.  So this week, as well as working on Lillia's crochet birthday blanket, I think I will try something new too.  As I am so nervous of patchwork I think I shall challenge myself with this cushion from Sew Hip...

Patchwork scares me, it looks like it require so much accuracy, so a pattern entitled "wonky scrap cushion" sounds a little more up my street.  Plus it will encourage me to be brave with mixing and matching fabrics, something I consider myself to be particularly rubbish at.  This week will be all about leaving my comfort zone, can't wait!

Right now though I'm finishing off my crochet shawl with tassles, very satisfying work, and perfect with a chilled glass of white wine.  Hope your Sunday is as relaxing :)


  1. I love that patchwork pillow, too. The thing I like most about patchwork is that it can be wonky and still look perfect!

  2. Some lovely inspirational ideas there!The 'home is where the heart is' is MY favourite.
    I only buy the Country Homes and Interiors mag,because my sister passes on her mags to me when she's finished with them!
    Have a lovely 'crafty/sew-y,week!

    Bellaboo :)

  3. Loving all that magazine inspiration - can't wait to see what you make.

    Nina xxxxx


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