Wednesday, 24 February 2010

My bedroom

The light was good, which is rare at this time of year in our North West facing house, so I snapped a few shots of some of the things around my house that make me happy.

I love our little house, it is 110 years old and when we bought it nothing had been done to it in over 20 years, nothing except bodges and rubbish DIY that is.  There isn't a single original feature left, the previous owners even sold the Victorian window pillars!  We basically gutted it and started from scratch, carefully rebuilding, improving, sanding, plastering and painting it back to life.

Today I thought I would share with you some glimpses of our bedroom, just some pictures of things I love. 

Here are my two favourite matryoshka dolls, the ones I just couldn't quite part with, sitting on the bedframe injecting a little colour...

The photo above the bed is one of two taken on our honeymoon in the Maldives six years ago.  This one is the one I took of a Maldievien dhoni.  You can't see the other one in this photo unfortunately, I will have to share it another time. The wooden acorn hanging on the bed post was my gift to hubby on our fifth wedding anniversary (wood) and is supposed to represent good luck and good health.  I bought it from here.

On my bedside table, aside from an alarm clock, some lemon squash and a few books, are these...

A sparkly pot for holding my earplugs (hubby Snores with a capital S) and an amethyst, which is supposed to reduce nightmares and aid creative thinking, and of course it looks pretty!

Then there are my shelves, the ones that took hubby nearly an entire day to put up and made us both decide that we would never buy "floating" shelves again...

But they do look good and they hold some lovely things.  The picture on the left of the top shelf is a watercolour bought from an artist in the South of France last year. I love the colours of this picture, though the bedroom is a temporary home before it moves downstairs to the living room where its colours will fit better.  The statue of Amitabah was a gift from my sister at Christmas and the maraca behind was a gift from my grandad over 20 years ago.

The picture top right was made by my sister as a wedding present, she cross-stitched the lyrics we had on our orders-of-service...

The words are from the song at the end of The Nightmare Before Christmas and we thought they were ideal for our wedding. (Click on the picture to make it bigger if you can't quite read the words!)

The mosaic is one I did in 2008 at Nathalie Vin's weekend course in London...

This close-up really sums up the colours and the feel of how we want our bedroom to be - like a restful, tranquil beach hut somewhere peaceful!  Oh, and the beautiful postcard just to the right on top of the basket is from Kellie at 74LimeLane (more on her beautiful work another time..!)

In the window a crystal...

In feng shui a crystal hung in a window is supposed to lighten the "chi" of a room, but I just like the way it sparkles!  But any lighening of chi is a definite bonus.

So there you have it!  Some very small glimpses of my bedroom and some of the things that make me feel happy :)



  1. That was a lovely glimpse into your bedroom.It looks like a very relaxing environment.
    Why do people buy an old house if they're going to rip out all the character? Why don't they buy a modern house...Oh well,it takes all sorts I suppose!

    Bellaboo :o)

  2. Wonderful photos - your bedroom looks so peaceful, and I love how every item has so much meaning to you.

    I hate it when old houses have careless renovations. A lot of older homes really do need be renovated, certainly, but updates can be approached thoughtfully and with respect for the house's history.


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