Sunday, 14 February 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

Well after six years of marriage I got my first red rose today! And a chocolate orange no less! So I am a very happy bunny indeed sitting here munching on my chocolate with the promise of an M&S dine-in for £20 meal later on.

In the absence of any crafting taking place today I snapped some pictures of our valentine's day to share. 

Our first daffodils of the year...

I love daffodil season, they are my favourite flower.  They are so cheery and yellow is absolutely my favourite colour.  Plus when daffodils are in season it means we are never too far away from Spring and therefore all our birthdays (we are three Aries in this house, just imagine..!)

This is Lillia's card for her granny...

And granny was so kind as to babysit so mummy and daddy could go out for a once-in-a-blue-moon meal last night too.

Now the candles have been lit, the little one will soon be off to bed and hubby has just handed me a glass of fizz..mmm, yum!

Happy valentine's everyone, I know it's a commercial load of old twaddle but I love it anyway!


  1. Happy Valentines too - three Aries (out of the five) here too so 'yep' I can imagine.

    Enjoy your meal,

    Nina xx

  2. Your day sounded lovely. Am Aries too!
    Had far too much chocolate today...been very spoilt.

    Bellaboo :)


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