Tuesday, 9 February 2010

A working day

I work Tuesday to Friday in an office.  It gets me down greatly - I hate being away from my home, my family and from the things I'd rather be doing - like housework and creating.  But there are little things that lift my spirits.  My lunchbox is one such thing...

Isn't it a thing of beauty perched there on my desk at 8am this morning?!  It was a Christmas present from my sister - it keeps things cold, it keeps things hot, it seperates into two individual containers, you can even stick it in the microwave.  Plus it looks utterly groovy clutched in my mittened hand on the walk through the city!

Sometimes for my breakfast I like to have a lemoncurd sandwich (don't knock it until you've tried it!)  But sandwiches are square whereas my lunchbox is round.  So what to do?  Well, it is valentine's week...

Yum yum!  A pink, lemon flavoured heart-shaped start to the day!

By lunchtime though the effects start to wear off and some more fun stuff is needed.  I work just on the edge of the city in a pretty deprived area, there isn't much in the way of fun to be had, but the area does have its charm if you look hard enough...

This mosaic is one of a few outside a local restaurant...

There are hundreds of random alleyways with names in London, this is one my favourites (favourite names not alleyways, I don't have favourite alleyways...)

My little walk takes me to the only charity shop in the area...

It can be a bit hit and miss but today...a hit!  A patterned cotton skirt ready to be washed and given a new life as fabric to create something lovely...

I am so pleased with this - the fabric is lovely quality and I love the springy/tropical pattern, just what I needed to find today to cheer me up!

And a cute little tin...

...destined to be part of a gift for somebody.

A successful lunch break.

Then after a long afternoon of work and a long commute home there's just enough time for an enjoyable hour sifting through fabric scraps...

And look I even managed to piece together the first part of my "wonky scraps" cushion! 

Yes I am feeling very pleased with myself today, it has been productive.  I like productive!



  1. Productive is good! Glad you're able to find the good in what can be a long, un-fun day!

  2. Cushion's coming along nicely!
    Love the heart sandwich...I'm going to make one like that for Mr Boo's lunchbox on the 14th!

    Bellaboo :)

  3. What a great lunchbox, not sure about a lemon curd sandwich though! But a great idea with the heart. Hope you have a good day.

  4. 'aawwwwww' I love your lunchbox and *heart* your sarnie.

    Thanks for the tour of a working gals life,

    Nina x


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