Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Snow day

Yesterday was my first day back at work after the Christmas break.  I find it very hard to go back.  I am a homebody, through and through. I am happiest at home keeping our house clean (ish) and tidy (ish), organising our lives, looking after my darling girl, creating, planning, making things work.  To be dragged away from it all is a real wrench.

My job is relatively interesting, but not very, and the people are really nice, but the commute sucks away my soul, and that's putting it mildly.  When I am at work I always feel like I am in the wrong place.  So it was nice to wake up on my second day back at work to lots of snow...

...and to get to the station and discover that the trains were so badly affected that it just wasn't worth the effort.  So home I came to our snowy oasis...

Even our red lady pot (left by the previous owners) got a new look for today...

Doesn't she look fetching?

So today I am now working from home.  Which of course requires much drinking of tea and eating of biscuits...

Why can't every work day be like this?  Snow falling outside but warm indoors, no trains, no commuting, no strip-lit office, and at the end of the working day my home life will start at 5.01pm.  Blissful.



  1. lovely to find your blog and ive enjoyed reading some of your older posts :-) your mosaic is fab!
    we are on day two of snow days with childre off school so a bit stir crazy now and hopefully back in tomorrow :-) Lesley x

  2. working from home is so much more fun - especially if tea and biscuits are invovled!

    Have fun with your snow,

    Nina x


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