Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Matryoshka softies

I'm sick. Again.  I've caught some kind of bug and feel really icky.  I also have quite bad arthritis (yes I am only 32) and lately it has been properly full-on painful.  You should see me trying to stand up, it takes a good three minutes with lots of "oohing" and "aahing", clutching of  the lower back and some jaunty hobbling.  Some days I am so damn sexy, my husband must find it hard to resist me.

So here I am at home with the biscuit barrel, lots of tea and...felt.  On Monday night I just suddenly had an urge to make something simple.  I've had so many ideas whirling around my head that I just needed something I could make and complete in one evening.  Say hello to Roza...

My first attempt at a matryoshka doll!  I am very pleased with how she turned out, and especially pleased with how satisfyingly quick she was to make too, she took me about three leisurely hours.

I find felt very addictive to work with, it is so well behaved and requires very little effort.  So I started to make another...

Meet Sashka...

Sashka was particularly fun to make as I had more time to spend stitching on the flower and the other details.  It turns out felt, thread, biscuits, tea and DVDs are very therapeutic.

And so I am moving on to the next one...

Think I might grab another choccy digestive whilst I'm at it! :)


  1. I've just found your blog whilst eating my second digestive! They are very addictive!
    Your dolls are lovely.
    Sorry to here your unwell, hope you get better soon.

  2. 'Wow, wow and triple wow' I love the dolls they look just the business - sooooo adorable, sorry I'll stop drooling now.

    Sorry that your arthritis has flared up and I hope you feel better soon though biscuits and a dvd with a little light sewing is a mighty fine tonic.

    Have a lovely evening,

    Nina xx

  3. Oooh you do like those dolls dont you. The faces are so delicate and pretty. Hope you feel better soon - I prescribe tea adminsitered with a minimum of two choc digestives with each dose, Fi x

  4. I think they're so great! A little different than the versions I usually see, something fresh and pleasant!


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