Saturday, 9 January 2010

Since we've no place to go,let it snow let it snow...

The snow continues to fall, the temperature is minus 3 as I type, icicles have appeared for the first time since I was about 5 years old.  But today is Saturday and there's nowhere we need to go so we stayed indoors, we played, we did some DIY, we watched DVDs, we ate snacks...

No snow pictures today, time to warm things up a bit! 

I have to admit I am rather pleased with myself, it's only day 9 of the new year and I have completed two creative projects already.  Are you ready for the first completed project of 2010?!

Warning: the following pictures contains scenes of a toilety nature...

As mentioned previously I have been working on a toilet roll cover for my sister's birthday using a pattern from the book she bought me for Christmas. 

Well this is my daisy version of the Coming Up Roses pattern.  Ready?

An improvement to any throne room I am sure you will agree! I am now working on rosy coloured flowers for the rosy version.

More on toilet roll covers later in the week, because lets face it you can never have too many pictures of crochet toilet roll covers.  You want one more?  Oh go on then...


My second completed project of 2010 is my strawberries and cream ripple scarf, but I shall leave you salivating for more and will return tomorrow with pictures of that!  In the meantime I will leave you to admire my toilet...enjoy!



  1. I LOVE it! My Birthday is in June ;-) I so want to start crocheting but I think I had better stick to what i'm already working on at the moment. You take much better pictures than me! xxx

  2. Ha ha Lottie! Touche! Be careful what you wish for...!
    Thank you saying nice things about my photos, but it is the camera, not me, that does the work!

  3. I have to admit that does look mighty fine Ali.

    take care,

    Nina xx

  4. ps. sorry, forgot to say.....the toilet roll cover that is though the chocolate and sliced banana's look lovely too!!

    Nina x


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