Sunday, 10 January 2010

Strawberries and cream ripple scarf - done!

The snow keeps falling here in Kent and the temperature is mainly below zero.  It's all very exciting, it's great to have some proper weather.  And who can complain about the cold when one is smothered in softly pinkily creamy ripples of warm cuddly wool?

Especially when that wool is itself smothered in softly pinkily creamy flowers...

Yup!  The strawberries and cream ripple scarf is finally finished!  Woop woop!  I started it on my train journey home from work on Christmas eve so it has taken me 18 days.  But that's 18 days of leisurely and intermittent crocheting, rather than a full-on crochet blitz, so really quite quick!

I am soooo very pleased with it.  Despite a scary wool shortage towards the end, the scarf turned out the length I wanted...

My hubby took this photo today when the temperature was about minus 2, he was freezing, but with my ripple snuggly scarf on I could have grabbed a glass of wine and a sun lounger and stayed out there all day!

My back-to-front flower is proudly featured...

And having had so much fun with flowers recently I managed to create my own pattern...

I quite like my little flower and intend to try it out with a variety of colours to see what it looks like.

For now I am off to snuggle up in my scarf and drink that glass of wine, though perhaps indoors rather than out ;)


  1. What a great-looking scarf! It looks like you're quite snug in it. Glad to hear you had enough yarn!

  2. Your scarf is gorgeous - especially the flowers!

  3. That is an amazing quick crochet project and it does look lovely and warm - the colours are divine and it makes me feel like if you sniffed it, it would actually smell of strawberries and cream.....hope that doesn't sound too weird?? sorry.

    Nina x

  4. Thanks everyone! I am snug as a bug in my scarf :)

  5. Ali, I LOVE your scarf. Just the name of it conjures up summertime to me. And, plus...I LOVE pink!


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