Sunday, 1 January 2012

January - Colour

Happy New Year!  I trust you all had a wonderful Christmas time?

I can't believe it was only two weeks ago that I was looking forward to completing two more days of work before the holidays, seems like so long ago!  We've had a wonderful family Christmas and we managed to catch up with a lot of good friends too.  We had a quiet new year at home as Phoebe is still so young, it was lovely to just chill out with some champagne, watch the festivities on the telly, then be snuggled up in bed just after midnight :)  And of course a quiet night in means no new year's day hangover to contend with!

There's still a full FOUR days before Lillia goes back to school though, I have to admit I'll be glad when she does!  It's been utterly lovely to all be together but she needs to get back to the routine, as do we all really.

So here we are in January 2012, I've always rather loved January.  Yes it tends to be cold and wet, and nobody has any energy, money or liver function remaining, but it does signify the start of a brand new year, the time to make plans for a brighter future in the year ahead.  Even in this post last year, in the thick of post-natal depression, I managed to feel optimistic in January.

So to celebrate my love of January as a month of new beginnings and positive thinking all my blog posts this month are going to be about COLOUR...

Lillia, Aerial, Gregoire & pink boots :)
Lillia strolling with her Aerial doll, pink boots & her "gregoire" bag (still to be blogged about!)

Fesive Phoebe!
Phoebe put together this ensemble by herself

I've been playing with an app on my iPhone called "coloursplash", it's a lot of fun, especially with my two girls and the array of girly colours they adorn themselves with on a daily basis!

Lillia's red hat
In the park on Christmas day

Phoebe's blue eyes

I especially love Phoebe's blue eyes in this last picture.  The app converts your photo to black and white and then you select the areas to turn back to colour, so this is her actual eye colour it's not a tint or anything.

So that's my first dose of colour for you, there will be much more to come throughout this grey yet optimistic month!  Happy New Year!



  1. Love your splashes of colour!

    Happy 2012 to you and your lovely little family.


  2. What beautiful girls, and Phoebe is getting so big already! Happy new year!


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