Monday, 30 January 2012

Making Time to Make it: Dolly the Dachshund

I was having a tea-break at work and reading through some of my favourite blogs when I came across Gretchen's new pattern for Dolly the Dachshund.  I knew right then that Dolly would have to be my Making Time to Make it project for this month!  I decided there and then to make Dolly that very evening.

And here she is...

Dolly the Dachshund

Isn't she lovely?

Dolly the Dachshund

She has been stolen already of course.  Anything soft and cute in this house seems to end up in Lillia's nest.  Here's Dolly being held in a pair of very chocolatey sticky hands (post chocolate krispie cake making!)

Dolly the Dachshund

Of course another was requested.  In bright pink naturally.  So now Dolly #1 has a new friend in Dolly #2...

Dolly #1 and Dolly #2

This is such a cute pattern, thanks Gretchen!

What are you making time to make this month?


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  1. They turned out great. I like L's idea to make the pink one!


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