Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Splashes of colour

Well this January is testing my optimistic feelings about the first month of the year!  Grey and wet and drizzly without a hint of snow to brighten things up.  The light is terrible, I know I know, it's annoying to hear people whinging about the lack of light for photos but it's TRUE I tell you! 

In between the day-to-day bustle of childcare, work and dashing about in the rain I've been capturing some colourful images to cheer myself up, thought I'd share them with you...

Bath time is always a colourful affair with young children of course, and my own bath times are rather colourful too with my brightly coloured Lush box of goodies...
And even though early mornings in my office are chilly to say the least, there is always some warmth to be found in a mug full of tea :)

I've been making too of course, in fact I have rather a lot to share with you on that front.  I just have to find the time to somehow manage to snap photos.  I also have a tutorial in the pipeline! Rigt, back to the day job for me for now.  Laters alligators.



  1. Glad to see you finding the color in the gray! I've been running---even in sub-freezing weather---to combat the seasonal blues. I love it, but your idea is much warmer. ;)

  2. Like you I keep hoping for a bit of snow. Not like last year but some would be nice!


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