Monday, 23 January 2012

Swapping and baking

Thanks everyone who has signed up to the swap! We have seven (me included) of us taking part, I still need a few email addresses so take a look at the list below to see if you need to get in touch!
  • Lise - I have your email
  • Claire (The Hookery) - can I get your email please
  • Fiona (Frou frou) - I have your email
  • Erica - I have your email
  • Lily (Making it Vintage) - can I have your email please
  • Thea (MummyCat) - I need your email
Could all of you please email me your postal address and I will email you details of your swap spoilee! The sooner the better so we can get swapping! Thanks everyone.

Right, now onto the serious business of baking.  My sister gave me the Cookie Magic book by Kate Shirazi, it contains cookie recipes galore (you'd hope so given the title) and the recipes promote the use of free range eggs, plus a donation from each sale of the book is made to an animal rescue charity, so well done her, right on :)

I've so far made my own rich tea biscuits (gorgeous) and these rather lovely digestives...

Homemade digestives

I also made the basic butter biscuits...

Making butter biscuits

...and drizzled them with icing sugar....

Butter biscuits with icing....mmmm!

Butter biscuits with icing....mmmm!

Deary me have I eaten far too many of these over the last few days! 

It's a pretty good book, I'd recommend it so far.  I'm going to try the ginger nuts next :)


  1. Hi Ali,

    my email addy is:

    I don't have your email address to send you my postal address so I'll wait to hear from you first.

    Cheers, lily x

  2. By the way, love the look of those yummy biscuits. x

  3. Hi. I don't have your email either, so you could please just send me a quick message so I can reply? Thanks!

  4. My email is davenport.claire[at] Thank you for organising this! :)


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