Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Bucket Bag

I needed a quick and dirty sewing fix and I was not in the mood for fiddling about with patterns. So I abandoned my current work-in-progress and drew up the simplest of all bag patterns. I then cut my fabric out rather wonkily, fired up Edna and made the whole thing in one evening...

The intention was to create a sturdy bag that would stand up on it's own. I used two layers of interfacing and this worked a treat.

I also made it reversible...

This green fabric is cut from a vintage duvet I picked up at a boot fair. It's really good quality and in mint condition, which is handy because old and grubby fabric makes me feel a bit squeamish.

I was really pleased with how the handle came out...

I did measure my pattern a bit wrong, so the circular base was slightly too small for the main body of the bag...

But that's ok - this bag was an exercise in bravery and just making that first cut and getting stuck in. I am so overly cautious all the time, I need to learn not to fear the fabric!

There is plenty of room inside for all a girl's commuting essentials...

I am currently testing this bag out on the trains and streets of London during my daily commute. If it can survive then I know I can make more for friends safe in the knowledge that my creations won't break and deposit their contents all over the pavement.

I really enjoyed making this. I enjoyed making something up myself, and I enjoyed just recklessly cutting fabric and just hoping for the best.


  1. aren't you SOOO clever! you are really becoming quite talented with your fabric creations. I love this little bag and think you did a fabulous job!

  2. Good for you for just jumping in ... and having such a nice result. It looks perfect for commuting!

  3. Thank-you Ana, Donna and June!! Have been enjoying sewing so much!


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