Saturday, 4 July 2009

Unexpected mosaic

We are having a rather rare weekend at home this weekend; no parents to visit, no BBQs to go to, no weddings, christenings, parties or charity walks. Just me, the hubby and the little 'un. The weather has been hot and sunny and gorgeous. I generally mark all weather by how much washing I can get dry in a day - three lines full! A good day.

We spent a lot of time pottering about in the garden today. My little girl and I found some long forgotten mint in a old pot which, despite complete neglect, was fighting hard to flourish. So we cleaned it up, repotted it, fed and watered it and it seems perkier already...

We needed rosemary for a recipe so decided to go and buy a whole plant rather than a sprig or two...

Then we tidied up a bit, the previous owners had left a lot of stuff. We gathered up loads of concrete tiles...

And what else could I do with them than a mosaic? Sitting in the sunshine on a family afternoon playing with glass and cement-based adhesive, lovely!

Just a couple of small adjustments and it'll be ready for grout and then I will find a home for it in the garden.

It was lovely to get the time and space to do a mosaic today. It is hard to do at home because of the limited space I have - our living room, dining room and hallway is all one room in our 110 year-old cottage! So the good weather and the time at home has been wonderful.

Hope everyone else is having an equally good time this weekend :)

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