Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Day 207: Experimental upcycling

I love fabric. I really do. I love shiny tiles and pretty fabric.


But, at risk of sounding like an ageing hippy, I, like, totally love the environment too. Far out, man.

So I have started to think more carefully about my materials. I like to browse charity shops, I am forever gathering old china to break up for mosaics. Recently I have started to find some old clothes and fabrics too, which I have been taking home, washing and airing. But the best bit is when I begin to cut them up; suddenly a fuddy old skirt turns into a lovely red cord fabric, or an old boob-tube is suddenly a lovely lining fabric, or a vintage duvet makes over four metres of quality printed fabric.

I really enjoying turning something old and unwanted into something new and..well, lets face it, a bit wonky, but loved all the same.

Over the last few days I have made a little pouch thing...

Here's the inside...It is made from an old cord skirt and the aforementioned boob-tube. I cut it free hand and made it up as I went along. Really bad idea. It is all very wonky and the only reason it has that lovely wide band around the top is to hide the fact I stretched the fabric too much whilst doing the top-stitching, which caused the edges to curl.

Next up some hand sewing! I cannot just sit and watch television. I find it utterly impssible. Don't get me wrong, I love the telly (I'm watching Who Do You Think You Are as I type) but I cannot watch it without my hands being occupied. On Saturday night I was watching a film so I decided to hand sew a little pouch...

This fabric is just plain old cotton. Well ok, plain old gorgeous yummy cotton. The pink is Cath Kidston and the blue is from Hobbycraft.
Maybe I shall use it to keep sweets in.


  1. Sweets to eat while watching television? ;) I am typing while I watch So You Think You Can Dance. I can't keep my hands still either.

  2. Sweets AND sewing AND television! what paradise!


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