Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Day 206: Hearts and Muffins

Today I am working from home.

The work I am doing is incredibly dull, so to break up the monotony and give myself a break from the laptop every now and then I decided to grout my heart mosaic.

I bought some basic white waterproof, mould-proof grout. It says on the packet that it is suitable for exterior use so, along with the super strong outdoor flexible adhesive I used, I am hoping this mosaic will survive the challenges of a British garden (this morning it rained so hard the porch flooded...two hours later it was so hot and sunny I put washing out on the line. The weather here is so unpredictable, no wonder we are all so obsessed with it.)

Here's the heart settling in to its new home nestled against the lavender...

I had some grout left over so I used it to grout one of my very first mosaics. This muffin has been hidden in a drawer for many months, but the time has come to be grouted and polished up...

I still have a bit of cleaning to do on this one. I used cheaper tiles, which means a few more holes on the surface. I need to sit down with a good lamp and a sharp pin to scrape the grout out properly.

But before I can enjoy that, it's back to work. Yawn.


  1. Ah, the beauty of working from home. Back in the day, before all my work was at home, I'd have work-at-home days and I'd take naps right in the middle of the day. It was lovely!

  2. Naps in the day! Sooo tempting! You are one lucky gal working at home all the time, bliss!


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