Saturday, 11 July 2009

Pink and paisley bag


I love this bag pattern from Etsy. I made a lovely pink version before which does very well for carting pre-schooler bits around on day-trips.

But I didn't quite pull this one together. I feel that the pink fabric is too deep and has too much red in it, it would have been better with a lighter more bluey pink, to match the paisley swirls.

I quite like the embroidery though. I am generally a perfectionist but the detail on this bag isn't quite up to scratch, hence the lack of close-ups. The thread kept snapping and I had to unpick the top-stitching several times. By the time I finally got everything working I was so fed up I just wanted to finish and go and find some wine.

I had better luck with the little bag I made with the off-cuts of my bucket bag though. The leftovers got turned into a mini bag for my little lady, who proudly marched around the shops with it this morning...

It is reversible like mine...

And it has plenty of room for every three-year-old's essentials...


  1. I really like the paisley fabric. Even if you feel like it's not quite right, I bet you can find someone who will disagree. ;)

  2. Thank you! I love that paisley too, I think I am 80-years-old at heart ;)


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