Saturday, 25 July 2009

Day 217: Creative space

I had hoped to present a photographic record of my creative week today, or rather yesterday, but alas time has once again deserted me. Hey ho.

I have stuck to the promise I made to myself this week and sewed every night. It has been lovely, but hard to fit in around the daily work/parenthood/commuting/sleep etc. I will post photos of my creations later this week.

I have been reading so many blogs this week! I really enjoy reading about other people's creative lives. I especially enjoy nosing around other people's creative spaces. So I thought I'd post a picture of mine. It only needs the one photo as this is the full extent of my workspace...unless of course you count the floor and the sofa, or the garden if I am smashing things for mosaics...

After every period of creativity everything gets packed neat and tidily away to make space for breakfast, working, dinner and blogging. One day I will have my own room and I will exist in happy creative chaos! In the meantime I am slowly and cunningly taking over more and more shelves, drawers and corners with my paraphenalia. Heh heh...


  1. I was thinking of you today when shopping along Main Street with my mom and sister. There was a wonderful little fabric/yarn store with lovely fabrics that looked like you! I love all your creations - may they be fabric or mosaic! Thanks for sharing your space too. :-)

  2. Right by the window = perfection. Who cares about the rest? ;)

  3. Donna - oooh that sounds lovely! What is it about fabrics and tiles? Irresistable! Thanks for the lovely comment :)

    June - yes, a window is always good, I must focus on the positive aspects! And maybe I ought to clean up those outdoor shelves too..!


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